Review of Tied by Carian Cole

Where do I possibly start with this review? This was a very beautiful story, but also heartbreakingly tragic. It takes a lot for me to cry while reading a book, but this one, gah, it had the tears welling up in my eyes. The last book that caused me to cry was My Life as a Country Album by LJ Evans (, which I always recommend that everyone read or listen to the audiobook.

This is the story of Holly, a young woman who was abducted by a monster as a very young child and held hostage for 11 years, and Tyler, a man with a tragic past. Tyler finds Holly in a hole in the forest and saves Holly from an absolute monster who inflicted physical and emotional abuse on Holly and the chain of events that are set in motion are, I think, fate. However, the very painful path they both need to travel is harrowing at times. Holly has so much therapy to go through and she’s very stagnated in a sense that the world is not a place she is comfortable functioning in and the author does a good job describing the roadblocks of Holly’s recovery.

Sadly, Holly’s parents really struggle with Holly being back in their lives and that was a particularly sad part of Holly’s story. As a parent this broke my heart so much because Holly was so fragile and needed gentleness and acceptance. Holly’s brother and his fiancé were Holly’s anchors as well as Holly’s roomate later.

Holly spends time after her rescue thinking about Tyler as her Prince, because when she was abducted she had a backpack full of fairytale books that she read over and over during her captivity and they helped her cope but also gave her hope of finding her prince and living happily ever after. After she is rescued, Holly still carries the backpack and her books as they are a comfort and coping item for her. They are what she turns to when she is stressed.

Tyler himself bears scars both outside and inside and many things in his past cause him regrets. Because of these regrets and his appearance, he has distanced himself from society and his family. While he still has a relationship with his brothers, he hasn’t seen his Mom or sister in several years. His story is entwined to Holly’s and we do find out there are more twists to everything that happens in both of their lives. Undeniably, they are meant to be together. The way that Holly finds Tyler is unique and they form a friendship and become companions. Tyler, for his checkered past, is extremely gentle with Holly and it’s absolutely heart melting.

This book has a lot of complex characters but is simply written and brimming with emotions and heart. This is a 5 star read and I recommend my recommendation is to purchase or borrow from Kindle Unlimited. #BackList #TBRpile

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