House Plants and Succulents

Well, I don’t know what came over me yesterday! I’m in an app called Nextdoor and I really love it because it connects people in your immediate area. I have a lovely little book group there and we’re planning a socially distant meet up in a local park once everyone is vaccinated fully.

But, aside from the book group, I belong to a succulent group that’s run by a very nice person nearby my home…and she had a succulent sale yesterday. She posted a photo ahead of time so I had a good idea which succulents I wanted, however, I ended up with two house plant cutting plus all my wishlist succulents. I need all kinds of encouragement with these cuttings. One is a Marble Queen Pothos Plant AKA “The Devil’s Ivy” and a Begonia Maculata AKA “Polka Dot Plant.” I’ve ordered larger pots, house plant potting soil and fertilizer for when the roots grow enough to be put in the dirt, so I’m ready.

Among the house plant cuttings, I grabbed a Thimble Cactus, Bear Paws, Jade and Echeverias.

So, I’m off today and I’ll definitely be reading up on how to take care of these new to me house plants. The woman said I can definitely message her with questions and I’ll probably be taking her up on that! I will say, this plant pick up gave me a whole lot of joy today!

I was very lucky to be the first to grab this thimble cactus in the sale because he was the bell of the ball and everyone wanted him! I named him Harold. 🌵

If you haven’t joined a neighborhood app like Nextdoor, I really recommend it! During the pandemic it’s been nothing short of magical because so many people have come together to help each other. It’s a wonderful way to support small businesses too!

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Love of books of any kind with a special love for romance. I like to try new recipes, enjoy my pets and hoard succulents and houseplants! I enjoy connecting with readers of all walks and will read almost anything.

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