Review of the audiobook, In The Clear by Kathryn Nolan

Time to review the Suit Daddy himself, Abe Royal, the founder of Codex, a firm of investigators who specialize in rare book theft.

This is book 3 in the Codex series, and I’ve read the first two in this series, however this book can be read or listened to as a stand alone.

This book is narrated by John Masterson and Anastasia Watley. Both of these narrators do an amazing job bringing Abe and Sloane Argentine to life!

Sloan is around 30 and has her own private investigation business. She’s a very talented detective an recently had a high profile case involving recovery of a stolen rare book. She is currently in England on a job to track down high profile rare book librarian, Bernard Allerton, who is in hiding.

Abe arrives in England with the guise of a vacation, at least that’s what he tells his crew at Codex, but he is also looking for Allerton.

These two meet and it’s instant sparks, but they play a game of cat and mouse for a while.

Well, this is a sexy smoldering adventure. There are many twists and turns. There is a lot of suspense, but the very best part of this book is Abe being able to relax a bit because he’s very buttoned up. He loves his Codex team, they mean the world to him and he’s a pretty reserved guy with them. Sloan brings out the best in him and while she’s the complete opposite of him, they work together.

The rare book aspect of this romance is just amazing. It’s so interesting and different! ❤️

This was a 5 star audiobook!

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