Review of The Daredevil by Dylan Allen

Have you read The Rivers Wild series by Dylan Allen? The Daredevil by Dylan Allen is part of that world, and it’s quite a read!

Tyson Wilde is the youngest of the Wilde siblings and most likely to take a chance. Professionally he’s a daredevil, he enjoys taking chances and risks. He’s had his eye on the CCO position of Wilde World, his family’s grocery business. His Mother is a tough business woman and does not make allowances for Tyson when he makes mistakes.

Dina Lu also works for Wilde Foods, her nickname is The Huntress and she loves her job and finds it challenging. These two are attracted to each other and, one Christmas, Dina acts on her feelings, when Tyson reciprocates things get heated, but then he rejects her.

There are time gaps in this relationship and Dina is assigned by Mrs. Wilde, to act as Tyson girlfriend in Paris to gather intel on a possible purchase of a struggling food market. They initially intensely dislike each other, but then there is that attraction and it’s still smoldering.

This is an amazing story and they are a great couple. One of the things I really enjoy about this series is that fact that these characters are millionaires, but they work hard to be so and they, like everyone else, face the same problems as all of mankind.

This was a 5 star read! ARC provided for an honest review.

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