Review of Mistaken for Love by Delancey Stewart

Mistaken for Love by Delancey Stewart is Book 7 in the multi-author Love Vixen Series.

What a treat to read Mistaken for Love by Delancey Stewart! This story has a really lovable couple, the heroine, Virginia or Gin, is young but has had a life changing event that happened a little less than a year before we meet her and it still effects her life on a daily basis. She is temporarily living with her dear Aunt Amelia and Uncle Floyd in Brooklyn. She’s working at the family Bodega.

Bryce, the hero, is a really respectable man. He has goals and proving to his father he can run the family marking corporation is high on his list.

The premise of the story is somewhat a suspended reality situation. Gin drops off a bogota delivery to Bryce’s company and they mistake Gin for someone else and she works at the business for weeks without anyone figuring out that she’s not who they think she is. Gin wows Bryce with her marketing acumen. There is a lot of attraction between them but they don’t act on it at first, but they really can’t fight it. When everything comes to light, both Gin and Bryce suffer for a while, but eventually get their HEA.

I truly loved this story and it’s a perfect vacation read with lots of classic romance feel!

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