Vacation and Other Things

Well, it’s vacation time in my house, and I just really need this get away. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve had a “real” vacation. Since I’m a nurse, nothing is going to feel as good as R&R this year. Of course, the Covid-19 Delta variant is happening but luckily, we are renting a remote cabin and going on day excursions.

My husband is in finance and he has no idea how much I’ve been though as an RN in this last year and a half and he’s pretty much chalked all my dissent up to being a whiner, so that’s been super fun here. But at least I have my fellow healthcare workers to commiserate with!

My big plan for my week away is to have fun with the family and to read or listen to as many books as I can while I’m on vacation. It won’t be super easy and I am currently taking summer classes so I can get out of the hole I’m in with direct care nursing. I’m what you would call a “seasoned nurse” so I’ve been working under duress for some time now and Covid made me take a hard look at my professional life and what I’m doing everyday; changes have to happen. I know that now. This is the final week of my classes coming up, and while I’ve worked ahead, some things are not opened yet for me to complete before I leave on vacation.

That being said, I’m currently finishing up some awesome books!

Currently reading The Broody Brit by MJ Fields and Jessica Ruben and I’m loving it so much. It’s a small town, single Dad book that is totally swoon worthy. Raff is the hero of this story and he’s everything you’d want in a book boyfriend. He’s a bit broody, but he’s basically a cinnamon roll. He’s a good man and father and he loves big. He’s protective but knows his boundaries and always supports his woman. I have about 2 hours left and I’ll be posting a review when I am done.

The next book I’m listening to via Alexa is Finding Elodie by Susan Stoker. She’s an author I read religiously for about 18 months around 2017 or so, before I fell into Romancelandia on FB and became pretty much enamored with all sorts of different indie and traditionally published authors. I have to tell you, Susan Stoker has a knack for really strong heroines who bring their military guys to their knees and Finding Elodie is no different. I’m a lover of romantic suspense and so far, Finding Elodie is really giving me a lot of thrills. I’m glad I’ve returned to Susan Stoker books, I’ve missed them! Incidentally, Susan Stoker is an attending author at Indies Invade Philly in November and I’m attending the signing!

The next book I’ve just started is Cross My Heart by Avery Maxwell. You all, Avery Maxwell is a new to me author and I’ve had many of my book friends throw Avery Maxwell books at me. I’m not going to lie here, Cross My Heart is billed as a “small town, billionaire, single Dad romance” and I’m a huge fan of small town romances. I run hot and cold on single Dad, but I’d rate my love of single dad romance at 75% love and billionaire is usually a “proceed with caution” situation for me because I’m not a fan of the billionaire sweeping in and providing/fixing everything for his woman. All that being said, I’m absolutely loving this book so far. Dex is our leading man and he’s a billionaire, but he’s worked for it all while maintaining being a Dad in the worst possible situation he was dealt. The writing is amazing and the characters have a lot of depth, even from the beginning of this book. While this is a nanny-billionaire book I’m just enamored by the writing and storyline, which isn’t the usual storyline. Please be aware the author does provide a trigger warning for this book. I will be providing a review for this when I’m finished by I’m looking forward to finishing this book. I can already tell that Avery Maxwell is going to be a must read author for me. Avery Maxwell is also an attending author at Indies Invade Philly signing!

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now! I’ll be sure to post next weekend after I’m back from vacation, or maybe while I’m on vacation! If you have favorite vacation read, please feel free to share them in the comments! Have a great weekend!

See you on the flip side and don’t forget to have some pineapples and coffee!

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