Review of Finding Elodie and Finding Lexie; Books 1 & 2 of the Seal Team Hawaii Series by Susan Stoker

Since I was on vacation last week, I took some time to read a little bit more than I normally do and I chose two Susan Stoker books since she is an attending author at a romance book signing event I’m attending in November. I’ve read her books and series before so I knew what to expect!

Finding Elodie is book 1 in the Seal Team Hawaii series

My ratings: 5/5 Stars. possible triggers for a mob style torture scene with introspective thoughts by the victim, shooting, general violence, being stranded in the ocean

Where to start! Well, Susan Stoker’s books always start with the FLC in some kind of trouble that requires an assist of some kind, this assist that Elodie needs is a rather big one as the boat she works on as the cook has been taken over by pirates. The Navy SEAL team is already in the area for another op, but are reassigned with the pirated cargo ship. As the SEAL team leader, Scott, AKA Mustang, picks up contact with Elodie while the SEAL team is en route to the cargo ship. Mustang admires Elodie’s bravery given the situation she currently finds herself in. At the end of the rescue, Maverick follows his gut and gives Elodie his phone number, in hopes she will contact him.

All kinds of things happen and they end up together, but, Elodie has baggage and it ends up at her front door. There’s a daring rescue, but, mostly I never really feel like she’s a damsel in distress.

This book gets 5/5 for all these areas: characters, storyline and overall tense moments in the story.

Finding Lexie is Book 2 of SEAL Team Hawaii

5/5 stars, possible triggers: hostage situation, homelessness

Honestly, I didn’t even care who the main male character was when I pre ordered this just hours before it was released this past week because I needed my fix!

This book is about Midas, who we met in book 1 and his love interest, Lexie. When the team is briefed on a 3 month old hostage situation in Somalia, Midas realizes he knows the female hostage from high school. He has brief memories of her when they were assigned to do a project together. She was a transfer student in senior year.

Their story is good one and the threat is kind of not apparent to either Midas or Lexie until it’s actually happening. Lexie has very firm beliefs about human rights along with other topics and I really appreciate that as it gives Lexie’s character a lot of depth. Great story that overall gets 5 stars for characters, storyline and the female friendships that develop.

Incidentally, one of Lexie’s new friends is Ashlyn, a woman whom Lexie works with and we find out Ashlyn’s got something going on with SEAL team member Slate, however, according to the pre orders, Slate’s story isn’t next. Finding Kenna is next (Aleck and Kenna) and releases in October while book 4 is Finding Monica which is Pid’s story and that releases in May. Slate and Ashlyn’s book will be book #6.

Overall, if you’re craving some suspense, with strong women who need an assist, this might be a series for you to check out. I promptly finished these two books and hopped over to Susan Stoker’s Silverstone Series, which is available in KU read and listen.

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