Fireproof by Delancey Stewart

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Fireproof by Delancey Stewart is a wonderful book. I was very enthralled with this story of Mason, the former Marine turned goat farmer. Heather is our heroine and she’s an advocate for education issues in Washington DC. Heather was embroiled in a public legal proceeding and she is wrongfully targeted and has a few alarming things happen. Heather’s brother, an active Marine, is on leave and entrust Heather’s safety to his best friend and former Marine, Mason. But, Heather’s brother Eric drives her hours away to Vermont to Mason’s family farm, drops her off there for a month with no transportation of her own and not much for Heather to do.

Mason will do anything Eric asks of him, they are tight and even though Mason has reservations about Heather intruding on his carefully built routines, he allows it. Mason spends the better part of a week grumping about, being gruff with poor Heather and generally being a bit rude. Mason is described as having a “resting murder face” so obviously Mason has grumpiness down pat.

I really love the character of Heather. She’s a positive person with firm beliefs and she’s a helper and caretaker, but also knows when to take a step back even if it hurts her. She spent some time trying to figure out Mason, but just couldn’t convince Mason to open up.

There are side characters in this book that are wonderful and add so much to this story. Mason’s Uncle Billy who is oh so wise, Mason’s sister Amelia, Eric and the sweetest puppers named Rascal who Mason rescued on a mission as a Marine.

I should mention this book is written in Serena Bowen’s True North world and is part of a series of stand alones.

Overall I loved this story and I give it 5 stars!

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