Second-In-Command by Melanie Moreland

This book is second in The Men of Hidden Justice Series by the talented Melanie Moreland, this book follows The Boss, book 1 and while The Boss fell a little flat for me, Second-in-Command deserves a standing ovation. Marcus and Missy are everything…just everything. Marcus has taken over command of a small unit after Matteo and Evie change their lifestyle. He missed Mateo but is doing a good job heading up his small unit. Marcus finds Missy when he and the other unit members bust a human trafficking hold and when getting ready to implode the structure, they realize that they left someone behind. Marcus finds Missy in a horrific situation and there’s something about her Marcus is attracted to. As Missy recovers from her ordeal, it becomes clear Missy has some training. I love that Missy is determined and she will not give up her space to Marcus, she’s very strong with some amazing skills.

This book recieves a trillion stars from me, the pacing is great and I couldn’t put it down. I read it all day into the night snd finished it the next morning, so I highly recommend Second in Command if you love romantic suspense!


ARC was provided by Grey’s Promotion.

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