Review of Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

I rang in the New Year by reading Things We Never Got Over, my second book of 2022. This book is a roller coaster ride of emotions, but I was comforted that this is a romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

To start with: hello, I’m Jeanette AKA Jenny and a super fan of Lucy Score’s. I’ve attended signings and reader events because Lucy Freaking Score was there and almost always, she’s there with Mr. Lucy, her teddy bear partner. She’s amazing, he gives good hugs and they are caring, kind human beings. She writes, he runs their publishing business and both of them are hard workers, they are a success story in the romance genre, and they have earned every single bit of their sucess with dedication, and focused hard work.

Now that that is out of the way, Things We Never Got Over brings us to Knockemout, Virginia, a small town not very far from the border of DC. This is a sunshine/grump trope, and if you haven’t read this author’s work before, she’s the queen of the trope and although this book falls under sunshine/grump, TWNGO is a reflection of life, loving someone, the joys, losses and risks that come with handing your heart and love over to someone.

Our heroine is Naomi who ends up in Knockemout because her twin put out a distress call and Naomi, coincidentally, needed to get out of a situation she was in. She meets Knox within minutes of arriving at a coffee shop in Knockemout and he comes at her in an extremely aggressive way. We soon find out that Knox mistakes Naomi for her twin sister.

I love Naomi, she’s a giver to the point of putting everyone’s needs in front of her own and sometimes to her detriment. She goes to great lengths not to inconvenience anyone and she tries to pay people back if they do something for her. She has a hard time understanding why someone would help her. She really resonates with me because I am exactly like Naomi.

Knox is a good guy, but there are times I wanted shake some sense into him because he is not always nice in the things he says to and about Naomi. I have to give it to our girl though, because she has patience. Their love is strong, but Knox, particularly, has a back story and when you get to that reveal, a lot of his actions make sense. He’s also a caretaker and he means well, but sometimes he’s misguided and makes mistakes that piss people off and he doesn’t understand why when he see his actions as helping. Knox has a deep seeded need to control people and situations, and he tries to do that to the best of his abilities while maintaining an aloofness to emotions. When it comes to Naomi, he cannot resist her and he becomes fiercely protective of her, but he made sure to make their entanglement conditional. Both Knox and Naomi have things they need to work out and on; it’s baggage from traumas, meeting expectations and disappointments.

Waylay, who is Naomi’s 11 year old niece, plays a huge part in this story. She’s so resilient and Naomi does her best to meet Way’s needs, but Knox has a knack for saying the right things at the right time; when it comes to Way, there isn’t anything he won’t do for her and the same goes for Naomi.

Sometimes we are granted much more than a hero and herione and in Things We Never Get Over we are given a community and it is a wonderful community. There are multiple side characters like Knox’s brother, their best friend Lucian, Stef, who is Naomi’s best friend, Knox’s Grandmother, Liza and Naomi’s parents that play big parts in this story.

This book gave me big feelings and reminded me that everyone has a story, you just need to be open to hear it. I had a massive book hangover when I finished and I didn’t want to leave Knockemout. I can not only hope we’ll return for two more stories if not more.

If you read Things We Never Got Over. Please be sure to read the author’s note at the end. You may need a tissue, so have one nearby.

Things We Never Got Over is available now! Go get it!

5 stars!

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