Playing Dirty in Alaska by Samanthe Beck

Playing Dirty in Alaska by Samanthe Beck is book two in the Captivity Alaska series. I did not read book 1, but these can be read as stand-alone novels.

This book is about Bridget Shanahan, a bush pilot, who has grown up in Captivity, Alaska, and whom’s family runs a cargo and transport company with an airfield. Her former boyfriend of three years, Archer Ellison III, left her unexpectedly while studying at Stamford. This experience crushed her, and from then on, she committed herself to remain single and only have casual hookups.

Archer Ellison III comes from a well to do family that owns a successful business and his parents aren’t supportive of Archer. Archer has a sister who wants to run the family company after their father retires, but I guess Archer’s father wants Archer to run it? Either way, his family wants him in the family fold. Archer has been working his way back to Bridget since he left her abruptly, but it’s taken four years and a lot of planning to get back to her. He purchases an air freight business from his father, which frees him from his family commitment.

These two have a lot to work out, and they both make missteps along the way.

I gave this book 4 stars, it’s well written. There are many intimate scenes, a random, adorable kitten named Wally and a malamute called K’eyush or Key.

Triggers: tragic/sudden death of a sibling which happens prior and off page to this story, grieving, abandonment, sleepwalking, contact from departed loved one who appears in ghost form.

Thank you to Greys Promotions for providing an ARC.

4 stars!

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