The Mastermind by Dylan Allen A 1001 Dark Nights Novella

The Mastermind by Dylan Allen

The Mastermind by Dylan Allen in in the author’s Rivers Wilde World. You can read The Mastermind as a stand alone.

Ok, honestly, Dylan Allen in the best at writing emotional dialogue with mature characters. I love how dialogue is constructed in Dylan Allen’s books. It’s so careful and thoughtfully written and it just takes you right into the story.

Our main characters are Omar and Jules. Omar is a retired professional football (soccer) player turned businessman. He was based in the UK for much of hisfootball career, but moved to LA at the end of his career to play soccer there. He carries quite a bit of responsibility related to his family, mainly his Dad and sister as he bears the burden of supporting them financially. After a falling out with his father, Omar returns to London.

Jules lives in London and is a strong woman. At the beginning of this book, she has completed law school and been called to the Bar and starts her pupillage. She also works as a bartender. She’s a survivor and I won’t share to much of her story here to avoid spoilers.

Omar is a little gruff and grumpy but he’s the connsumate care taker of those he loves. When he meets Jules, he’s immediately tied to her and likewise for Jules. I really love Omar. He’s really good, mature man.

This story is an emotional roller coaster with many beautiful and unexpected highs and lows.

5 stars for this beauty, and I can not wait for what Dylan Allen has for us next!

ARC provided by the author, and this is my honest review.

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