The Mad Hatter’s Son by Helen Starbuck

  • Available in Kindle Unlimited
  • Trope: Mystery with a dash of romance
  • Triggers: murder, attempted murder, a body count, trauma, potential PTSD, mortal danger, informal police procedure.
  • Pining neighbor
  • Book 1 in a 3 book series
  • Warning: may cause a kindle to be tossed, but do not toss the kindle, take a break and make a cup of tea.
  • Binge reading warning
  • Rating: 1000 stars

Wow, all I can say is I was searching for a book about an OR nurse for a challenge billed “book with a character in your profession.” I’m an OR nurse, this book was written by an OR nurse and our main character, Annie Collins, is an OR nurse.

Even though we only get snippets of the OR life, the snippets were very spot on and made sense to an OR nurse.

Onto the story. This is a page turner in every sense of the expression. I was very challenged to put this book down and get adulting done this past weekend, and I don’t regret choosing not to do everything on my to-do list.

Annie Collins lives in Colorado and works as a PRN OR nurse, so she makes her own schedule which works out great for this story, if she was regular staff, nothing in this story would have been possible. This story starts with Libby, a college friend of Annie’s, who is unwell and asks Anne to take care of her. She had a miscarriage several weeks prior but her health is declining. Annie takes this on, but her friendship with Libby had a disconnect 4 years prior when Libby married an IT superstar, but Annie never liked him. Libby is a talented and sought after artist. Annie and Libby don’t have a smooth reunion and everything in this story moves quickly along.

There are many moving parts to this story and I can only advise you to strap in for the ride and carve out the time to give this book your attention, stock up on snacks, tea, wine, or whatever you enjoy!

Published by Jeanette

Love of books of any kind with a special love for romance. I like to try new recipes, enjoy my pets and hoard succulents and houseplants! I enjoy connecting with readers of all walks and will read almost anything.

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