Review of One More Day by Auryn Hadley, narrated by Mercedes Michelle

  • 4 Stars
  • Stand alone
  • First book I’ve read by this author
  • Narration was 4 stars
  • Triggers: Past history and present battle with cancer, parent abandonment, loss of a parent at a young age, history of alcohol abuse (not a factor in the story), a comment by a character that is anti-Semitic.

This book came to me via a recommendation and it was definitely different in both it’s story content and the characters. We meet Ryan our H who has been pining over Mackenzie for the last year. Mackenzie is his “girl in the coffee shop” he hasn’t been able to approach. But one day, she comes into the coffee shop upset after losing her job and getting terrible health news. She cries on his shoulder, he offers her a job at his tattoo shop. And then she meets Colby, Ryan’s employee and friend and he makes remarks about her body, etc.

Both Ryan and Colby put their own lives on hold completely to step in and take care of Mackenzie and it’s quite rough. All are put through the ringer.

I gave this book 4 stars because there was a lot of repetition to the story and the same things kept coming up, Mackenzie just kept repeating that she wasn’t good looking enough, fat, etc to be with Ryan, who was, apparently, out of this world handsome. Ryan was too good to be true. Colby was a good guy, but the interactions between he and Mackenzie bordered on very odd and at one point I thought the story might turn and become a MFM.

There are post treatment sex scenes and one very odd tattooing scene with Ryan then Colby. There is body shaming as well, and then a reference by, I think, Ryan about not wanting to date a holocaust victim, which was extremely inappropriate.

All in all, this book is written well, but there is a lack of spark and I assume the men are much older than Mackenzie, but seem young. Ryan admits to never attending college, but is able to run a business which is interesting.

From what I can see of the author’s other works, this looks like she’s writes mostly PNR, which I’m willing to read.

On a personal note, I’m still in school chipping away and trying to sneak in reading here and there! The semester is almost over, but then it starts up again a week later! Have a wonderful week and I’ll probably post another review in May!

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