What I’ve Been Reading and Other Fun Things!

I’ve been reading a lot lately and it’s been a wonderful respite from daily life. A book is always a big comfort item for me!

Last weekend, I attended an author event at the Christiana, Delaware B&N and it was absolutely lovely! I was so excited to meet Dylan Allen who is just the sweetest person and such a wonderful hugger! She’s been on my unicorn list forever!

Have you read Dylan Allen? My recommendations from her books are the following:

  • ok, ok, here’s a few to get you started, but do read all of them!
  • Thicker Than Water
  • The Jezebel
  • The Moon and Her Star
Unicorn author meets her biggest fan! ❤️

Find Dylan here: https://amzn.to/3KhlohX

Next, I had the pleasure of meeting C.B. Noy. C.B.Noy is a new author with two books under her belt with one releasing in March. In preparation of this signing, I borrowed both book 1 & 2, Coming Home and Finding Home and was absolutely over the moon obsessed with this series. These books are insta love and insta love isn’t my first choice, but these books are pretty damn perfect. They are insta love, burn the world down for her, romantic suspense at it’s finest. An absolutely gem of a find for me!

Find C.B. Not here: https://amzn.to/3k04gCV

I also saw Bryn Asher again after meeting her in Philly for the first time! She runs some kind of rabbit holes and calls them book series apparently. 😂 Seriously, I fell hard for both The Killers Series and The Montgomery Series! She’s simply amazing in person!

Find Bryn Asher here:


What am I reading right now? I’m reading SPARE by Prince Harry and a few ARCs! What’s on your TBR?

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