Charm City Romanticon

I had the absolute pleasure to attend the Inaugural signing event Charm City Romanticon. It was held at the turf Valley Resort in Ellicot City Maryland.

This is a Romanticon which means it’s more than a signing. Charm City Romanticon is the following:

  • Small, with approximately 25 attending authors.
  • Author panels: 3 panels that ticket holders rotate through over a time period of 3 hours (panels are 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break in between all the panels) If you attend with friends you can preselect the group when you purchase your tix.
  • Boxed lunches with authors and attendee sitting down to eat together.
  • After a 30 minute break, the signing occurs and is 3 hours in length.
  • Finally, there was an evening gala. Members of the Charm City attendee group on Facebook discussed the gala and voted that it would be a PJ/come as you want gala. Most attendees wore something they were comfortable wearing. This was also an attendee and author mingling event.

I enjoy author signings but I haven’t attended a signing that included events, so this was different from anything I have attended before. While the idea of socializing doesn’t appeal to every bookworm, this signing felt very supportive, kind and people were friendly. I did have friends who attended, and it was lovely to spend time with them but I also met people whom I knew on line but hadn’t met in real life.

The best part: my TBR is crying after this event! I met some wonderful new authors and I‘ve either read their books before the signing or will be reading them!

The following authors attended:

  • AM Johnson
  • Charissa Gracyk
  • Ember Davis
  • Fiona Davenport
  • Freya Barker
  • Golden Angel
  • Hannah McBride
  • Jaime Lewis
  • Jami Albright
  • Janice Whiteaker/Jenna Westbrook/ Josie Watts
  • Jess Bryant
  • Kaylee Rose
  • Lena Hendrix
  • LJ Evans
  • Maryanne Jordan
  • Megyn Ward
  • Patrica D. Eddy
  • PJ Fiala
  • Rachel Rivers
  • Reina Torres
  • Samantha A. Cole
  • Stephanie Rose
  • Sueanne Laquer
  • Tarina Deaton

You can check out their Facebook info below.

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