Review of The Daredevil by Dylan Allen

Have you read The Rivers Wild series by Dylan Allen? The Daredevil by Dylan Allen is part of that world, and it’s quite a read!

Tyson Wilde is the youngest of the Wilde siblings and most likely to take a chance. Professionally he’s a daredevil, he enjoys taking chances and risks. He’s had his eye on the CCO position of Wilde World, his family’s grocery business. His Mother is a tough business woman and does not make allowances for Tyson when he makes mistakes.

Dina Lu also works for Wilde Foods, her nickname is The Huntress and she loves her job and finds it challenging. These two are attracted to each other and, one Christmas, Dina acts on her feelings, when Tyson reciprocates things get heated, but then he rejects her.

There are time gaps in this relationship and Dina is assigned by Mrs. Wilde, to act as Tyson girlfriend in Paris to gather intel on a possible purchase of a struggling food market. They initially intensely dislike each other, but then there is that attraction and it’s still smoldering.

This is an amazing story and they are a great couple. One of the things I really enjoy about this series is that fact that these characters are millionaires, but they work hard to be so and they, like everyone else, face the same problems as all of mankind.

This was a 5 star read! ARC provided for an honest review.

Playing catch up!

I’ve been reading a bit lately, but honestly, I’m back in school finding my escape hatch, which is a huge undertaking for a person in their early 50s. As an RN, 2020 kicked my butt, put my back to the wall and had me opening my eyes to my life as it is, and after a lot of soul searching, it’s time for a change.

But, onto other, bookish things! I have a small and wonderful Facebook group and we are celebrating Pride month! We have a book club and are celebrating Pride month. A member of our group is our host for book club and she picked the book Second Chance by Jay Northcote. It’s an #ownvoices read and it’s a great story of a true second Chance romance. Both of the main characters, Jack and Nate are 45 years old. Jack is truly starting over after a bad relationship break up with his boyfriend and Nate’s teenage daughter had some difficult times that required Nate to make the move back to his hometown where he moved in with his Mother. Jack is also home with his Mom and Dad as well.

Jack and Nate where best friends as teenagers, Nate always had a crush on Jack but Jack is gay so there wasn’t any closure to those feelings. Now that Nate is back in town, Jack is amazed at the the changes in Nate and the attraction is there for them to start a relationship.

I loved this story and my heart hurt for Nate sometimes because Jack’s parents were not accepting of him. There were pronoun problems among other issues from Jack’s parents but at the end they tried. The ending was absolutely lovely and lifted my heart up. All in all a 4 star read!

Nate and Jack’s story was so sweet.

Review of the audiobook, In The Clear by Kathryn Nolan

Time to review the Suit Daddy himself, Abe Royal, the founder of Codex, a firm of investigators who specialize in rare book theft.

This is book 3 in the Codex series, and I’ve read the first two in this series, however this book can be read or listened to as a stand alone.

This book is narrated by John Masterson and Anastasia Watley. Both of these narrators do an amazing job bringing Abe and Sloane Argentine to life!

Sloan is around 30 and has her own private investigation business. She’s a very talented detective an recently had a high profile case involving recovery of a stolen rare book. She is currently in England on a job to track down high profile rare book librarian, Bernard Allerton, who is in hiding.

Abe arrives in England with the guise of a vacation, at least that’s what he tells his crew at Codex, but he is also looking for Allerton.

These two meet and it’s instant sparks, but they play a game of cat and mouse for a while.

Well, this is a sexy smoldering adventure. There are many twists and turns. There is a lot of suspense, but the very best part of this book is Abe being able to relax a bit because he’s very buttoned up. He loves his Codex team, they mean the world to him and he’s a pretty reserved guy with them. Sloan brings out the best in him and while she’s the complete opposite of him, they work together.

The rare book aspect of this romance is just amazing. It’s so interesting and different! ❤️

This was a 5 star audiobook!

Nurses Day

Yesterday kicked off a week of celebration for nurses. As a nurse myself, I appreciate the gesture, but pizza and cookies aren’t really cutting it after this really awful year. What I really want is an extra day off! Lol.

Nursing has changed drastically since I started and nursing has become a gateway for higher education of nurses. A four year degree in nursing is a stepping stone for most nurses and many move on to an advanced degree. so who does that leave at the patients bedside?

But, if you’re a nurse, I hope you have a wonderful week! Remember taking this pledge?

The Nightingale Pledge nurses take at a pinning ceremony.

House Plants and Succulents

Well, I don’t know what came over me yesterday! I’m in an app called Nextdoor and I really love it because it connects people in your immediate area. I have a lovely little book group there and we’re planning a socially distant meet up in a local park once everyone is vaccinated fully.

But, aside from the book group, I belong to a succulent group that’s run by a very nice person nearby my home…and she had a succulent sale yesterday. She posted a photo ahead of time so I had a good idea which succulents I wanted, however, I ended up with two house plant cutting plus all my wishlist succulents. I need all kinds of encouragement with these cuttings. One is a Marble Queen Pothos Plant AKA “The Devil’s Ivy” and a Begonia Maculata AKA “Polka Dot Plant.” I’ve ordered larger pots, house plant potting soil and fertilizer for when the roots grow enough to be put in the dirt, so I’m ready.

Among the house plant cuttings, I grabbed a Thimble Cactus, Bear Paws, Jade and Echeverias.

So, I’m off today and I’ll definitely be reading up on how to take care of these new to me house plants. The woman said I can definitely message her with questions and I’ll probably be taking her up on that! I will say, this plant pick up gave me a whole lot of joy today!

I was very lucky to be the first to grab this thimble cactus in the sale because he was the bell of the ball and everyone wanted him! I named him Harold. 🌵

If you haven’t joined a neighborhood app like Nextdoor, I really recommend it! During the pandemic it’s been nothing short of magical because so many people have come together to help each other. It’s a wonderful way to support small businesses too!

Review of I Pucking Love You by Pippa Grant

Ah, rom com is always at it’s best when in the hands of the master, Pippa Grant. With every release I think she can’t top it, then…she does.

I Pucking Love You picks up shortly after the end of Charming as Puck (have you read this? If not, you should!) This is part of the Copper Valley Thrusters Series. Each book in the series is a stand alone.

I Pucking Love You is Tyler Jaeger and Muffy Periwinkle’s story. Muffy runs a dubious dating service (In her defense, she’s new to it), but is also a recent medical school drop out, because of-situation. Muffy is very likable as a character, she lives with her Mom, Hilda, who is, for lack of a better descriptor, a cougar. I kind of knew Hilda was hot to trot, but, I actually didn’t realize she treated Muffy as she did; I felt bad for liking Hilda in Charming as Puck. Hilda seems to put Muffy down quite a bit and that’s normally about her appearance, so that’s pretty harsh.

This book has some pieces of things I love, there’s a little forced proximity, kind of not-a-virgin, a protective hero who lifts his girl’s confidence and, of course, professional hockey.

The rom com scenes are classic physical comedy and very on brand for Pippa Grant. These always make me cackle in a 13 year old boy kind of way.

Bottom line, Pippa Grant’s books make me happy and we can all use some happiness. Pippa Grant is very clear that her mission is to spread happiness and she does with a lot of heart and a side of funny.

I do want to point out I’m a volunteer administrator for Pippa Grant’s author readers group, The Pipsquad. That being said, I don’t have a close relationship with this author other than posting in her group, approving memberships, approving posts and huddling up with other admins and Pippa on group issues and book release stuff as it pertains to The Pipsquad; I do not get paid for helping/admining the author reader group. This is an unbiased review and is my own opinion of I Pucking Love You. #NewRelease #IPuckingLovePippaGrant

Review of Tied by Carian Cole

Where do I possibly start with this review? This was a very beautiful story, but also heartbreakingly tragic. It takes a lot for me to cry while reading a book, but this one, gah, it had the tears welling up in my eyes. The last book that caused me to cry was My Life as a Country Album by LJ Evans (, which I always recommend that everyone read or listen to the audiobook.

This is the story of Holly, a young woman who was abducted by a monster as a very young child and held hostage for 11 years, and Tyler, a man with a tragic past. Tyler finds Holly in a hole in the forest and saves Holly from an absolute monster who inflicted physical and emotional abuse on Holly and the chain of events that are set in motion are, I think, fate. However, the very painful path they both need to travel is harrowing at times. Holly has so much therapy to go through and she’s very stagnated in a sense that the world is not a place she is comfortable functioning in and the author does a good job describing the roadblocks of Holly’s recovery.

Sadly, Holly’s parents really struggle with Holly being back in their lives and that was a particularly sad part of Holly’s story. As a parent this broke my heart so much because Holly was so fragile and needed gentleness and acceptance. Holly’s brother and his fiancé were Holly’s anchors as well as Holly’s roomate later.

Holly spends time after her rescue thinking about Tyler as her Prince, because when she was abducted she had a backpack full of fairytale books that she read over and over during her captivity and they helped her cope but also gave her hope of finding her prince and living happily ever after. After she is rescued, Holly still carries the backpack and her books as they are a comfort and coping item for her. They are what she turns to when she is stressed.

Tyler himself bears scars both outside and inside and many things in his past cause him regrets. Because of these regrets and his appearance, he has distanced himself from society and his family. While he still has a relationship with his brothers, he hasn’t seen his Mom or sister in several years. His story is entwined to Holly’s and we do find out there are more twists to everything that happens in both of their lives. Undeniably, they are meant to be together. The way that Holly finds Tyler is unique and they form a friendship and become companions. Tyler, for his checkered past, is extremely gentle with Holly and it’s absolutely heart melting.

This book has a lot of complex characters but is simply written and brimming with emotions and heart. This is a 5 star read and I recommend my recommendation is to purchase or borrow from Kindle Unlimited. #BackList #TBRpile

My review of Not So Sincerely, Yours (Book 2, For Him) by A. M. Johnson

I’m quite smitten with A.M. Johnson’s body of work. Her writing is emotionally mature and articulate and you’ll find yourself sighing while reading her novels.

A. M. Johnson’s romance novels also touch on social issues; particularly mental health and LGBTQ acceptance. Her writing will leave you with a desire to do more in the fight for equality for all. I’m a firm believer that romance can help romance readers become more accepting and open to those different from ourselves.

This is Book 2 in the For Him Series

First, I want to let you know this is book 2 in a series and I would recommend that you read book one, Love Always, Wild, because there is a character ARC.

So, on to my review. Our main characters are Anders who is in his late 30s and he’s from a well healed family. He has worked hard building his literary agency and is successful. He’s a great man who takes care of the people he loves and trusts, but he has a sorted history and is trying to find his way as he has had his heart broken. Ethan is our other main character, he’s looking for a fresh start and recently moved to Atlanta where he stays with friends while finding his footing.

The absolute best aspect of this book is the slow burn romance; it’s a nice pace and while they dance around each other there are emails and text messages with plenty of flirty banter; It’s like potato chips, you just couldn’t wait for the next one.

The heat level for NSSY is four. There are intimate scenes where it makes sense and they are great.

My recommendation: ✅ buy it or borrow it from kindle unlimited.

Catching up

It’s been a while since I’ve posted! Life has a way of keeping me from doing the things I enjoy! I’ve read a lot of great books lately and these are a few of them!

Forever Never by Lucy Score sat at number 2 in the Amazon store for days! Brick and Remi are a second chance-well, actually more like unrequited-love. 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
This was a suspenseful book that started out like a stalker book, but ended up a little differently. The main characters are complete opposite, yet they work some how. I can’t wait to read the next in the series! 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶
I listened to this and I loved it the second time around! Rom-com with heartfelt moments and a girl who comes to the rescue. 🌶🌶🌶
This was a fun read! 5 stars! 🌶🌶
5 stars for this book! Kim Lorraine is new to me and this was a great star! This book is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone. It’s second chance and all the cowboys you could want! They work hard for their HEA but it’s so worth it! (LGBQT) 🌶🌶🌶
Life in a tiny central PA town, a grieving widow, a newly independent neighbor with a large family weave this story of hope in book one of a new series. Absolutely adored this story as it was one of patience and love that won’t give up. 🌶🌶

What am I reading next?

I have a few books to read and I’m almost finish with Not So Sincerely Yours by AM Johnson, I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Do you have book recommendations for me? Post them below! They can be any genre; I read a lot of romance, yes, but I will read any genre.

Meet my pets!


I have two pets right now, they are both the best pets we’ve had. They are both happy, sweet souls who like to cuddle and hang out with us. Both of them are from rescues and we love to give homeless pets homes. Gizzy and Bradley are 8 years old as we adopted Gizzy in September and Bradley the February after. When we first brought Bradley home he was deemed “cat safe” by the rescue but on arrival home he chased the cats through the house, but wasn’t motivated to hurt them, he just wanted to sniff and lick them. They are now the best of friends. Do you have a pet? What are their names?