It’s Been a Minute!

It’s been a while since I posted! I’ve mentioned before that’s I’m in school and that has taken a bit of my time as well as my reading time, however, I’m will be starting my last semester in January. YAY!!

During my break from school, I’ve read some fabulous books, both holiday and non holiday romances. I’m going to share some of them here. These are worth a re read if you have them, or, if you don’t add them to your holiday bookshelf. Some of these authors are new to me and, well, they are on my must read list from this day forward!

A new to me author, Sara Madderson, has taken me over like a storm. This author writes smart books with adult characters. I’ve read a Christmas book by her after reading her contemporary romance, The Rest is History. The title of the Christmas book is A Manny for Christmas. Molly and Max have quite a complicated back story. This is a second chance romance, and the best part is that they were together for years and apart for many more. How they arrive to their HEA, well, there are bumps and conversations and it’s all very adult and reasonable, and while it’s not a smooth road, they arrive and it’s such a great story. Please don’t skip this one!

  • Heat level 4/5
  • Triggers: bullying scene at child’s school and conversations about bullying.
  • length: 360 pages (print version)
  • stars: 5/5
  • KU: yes
  • Part of a series? Yes, book 3 in the Sorrel Farms Series, but I’m reading out of order. (You know me!)
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Next up is debut author Tegan Hart! It’s been a busy year for Ms. Hart, there have been 4 releases by her in the fall: three Christmas books and one New Year’s book in the Hope Island Series, with more planned.for 2023. Personally, I have read book 1, Deck the Headlines and book 2, Sleigh Ride or Die. These have both been a delight to read! I have book 3, A Christmas for Carol and book 4, Auld Lang Mine on my TBR list for this week. The setting, Hope Island, is one that you’ll wish you could move to. These are excellent and I hope you’ll try them!

Click to go to the series page on Amazon

Next up is Meet Me in Los Feliz by Kelly Reynolds. This is a debut author and what a great story. This was a novella and it has me giddy with excitement to read what’s coming next from the author. As a tall girl, I loved that Nora, one of the main characters, was a tall girl and taller than her love interest, Bowie. The novella has a lot packed into it and reads like a novel; it’s a complete story and I promise you’ll love it to bits.

  • Spice level 4/5 (toys ya’all)
  • Triggers: none
  • Length: 148 pages (print version)
  • Stars: 5/5
  • KU: Yes
  • Part of a Series: I sure hope so.
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Next up to round up some of my favorite holiday books is My Big Fat Fabulous Christmas by Lyndsey Gallagher. Do you like rock stars? This book features a famous rock star as a main character. The story has a snippet at the beginning that is a life changing moment for both our main characters. Being that this is a second chance romance, the two main characters meet again and rekindle their relationship, but there are misunderstandings and hurts, but, honestly, it’s a great story but there is a pretty big twist. I will say if this ever goes to audio I will snatch it up. The bulk of the story takes place in Ireland and the two main characters are Irish.

This will be book 1 in a series and I’m very stoked about this series.

  • Spice level 4/5
  • Triggers: fatal car accident, loss of parents
  • Length: 356 pages (print edition)
  • Stars: 5/5
  • KU: Yes
  • Part of a series: YES, this is book one!
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Ok, that’s my holiday update! I hope you had the best holiday and wishing you a happy 2023! Enjoy a photo of my cat Gizmo, who really enjoys unmade beds. 😂

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