My review of Not So Sincerely, Yours (Book 2, For Him) by A. M. Johnson

I’m quite smitten with A.M. Johnson’s body of work. Her writing is emotionally mature and articulate and you’ll find yourself sighing while reading her novels.

A. M. Johnson’s romance novels also touch on social issues; particularly mental health and LGBTQ acceptance. Her writing will leave you with a desire to do more in the fight for equality for all. I’m a firm believer that romance can help romance readers become more accepting and open to those different from ourselves.

This is Book 2 in the For Him Series

First, I want to let you know this is book 2 in a series and I would recommend that you read book one, Love Always, Wild, because there is a character ARC.

So, on to my review. Our main characters are Anders who is in his late 30s and he’s from a well healed family. He has worked hard building his literary agency and is successful. He’s a great man who takes care of the people he loves and trusts, but he has a sorted history and is trying to find his way as he has had his heart broken. Ethan is our other main character, he’s looking for a fresh start and recently moved to Atlanta where he stays with friends while finding his footing.

The absolute best aspect of this book is the slow burn romance; it’s a nice pace and while they dance around each other there are emails and text messages with plenty of flirty banter; It’s like potato chips, you just couldn’t wait for the next one.

The heat level for NSSY is four. There are intimate scenes where it makes sense and they are great.

My recommendation: ✅ buy it or borrow it from kindle unlimited.

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