My last few weeks of reading!

I have quite a few books to share. Most of these books are ARCs and I enjoyed all of them! I read romance on the eclectic side, so I don’t have a lot of “hard pass” tropes, so I’m game for most anything.

Debut author Gemma Smith’s Take the Risk

I really enjoyed this debut contemporary romance novel. This book was written in a very classic romance style and I really enjoyed CJ and Colette’s relationship. This book takes place in California and Baltimore, Maryland. No triggers.

CJ was a bit of a complicated character because he appears to be a workaholic, but turns out he’s hiding from actually having a life. He left everything he knew at age 18 after graduating from high school. His parents had problems, CJ’s Dad wasn’t there for him, and, emotionally CJ seems to feel abandoned. What CJ did do is excel at college, go to law school and follow his father’s footsteps right into the firm his Dad works at but, interestingly, CJ stays on the west coast never returning home for 10 years.

Colette had some unexpected sorrows that landed her home after a short run in NYC as an actor in the theater. She’s a high school teacher, but, we don’t get to see much of her teaching. She’s also raising money to save a community theater that she’s involved in, but again, we don’t actually see her doing anything at the theater. I would have loved to see more of her environment, especially since she and her friends keep making statements about the community theater saving Colette’s life.

CJ is sent to the Baltimore office for the summer to head up a mentoring program. He meets Colette again as they were friends in high school. These two have a mutual attraction and it’s great. Along the way CJ starts to figure things out about his family, his life and what he ultimately wants.

This was a solid four stars!

Love Me Nots, Book 3 in the Jasper Falls Series

Well, Love Me Nots did not disappoint. This book was really enjoyable and I almost felt like it could be a grumpy heroine with a sunshine hero, but, it’s more in a grey area! No triggers.

Perrin has sworn off men. She was burned in book 1 of this series and now, she’s concentrating on taking care of the business she and her sister Maggie, run. It’s a bar and Perrin has plans to expand the structure, but she needs to purchase the land behind the bar.

Gage walks into Perrin’s bar looking like he came off the cover of a gentleman’s magazine. He’s very attracted to Perrin, but once Perrin and the bar patrons find out why Gage is in town, all of Perrin’s plan become uncertain. Perrin, while attracted to Gage, is also annoyed.

This is a great story, I loved the character development and really appreciated Gage’s past history.

I’ve read all thee of the books in this series up until now and I liked all three, but this book and book 1 are my favorites. this is a great four stars book!

Unexpected Claim is a shifter romance!

Ok, here’s our shifter entry! Unexpected Claim was a great story, albeit, somewhat slow in parts, but intriguing nonetheless! I don’t purposely look for shifter books to read, but really glad this one feel in my lap! Possible triggers: assault

This Nathan and Peyton’s story and isBook 1 in the Silver Lake Shifters series.

Before I start my review, I want to be transparent here and let you know this book ends with a pretty big cliffhanger. I know many readers will want to wait for the whole series to be released before reading, so I wanted you to be aware.

Peyton is, of all things, a panther shifter; she’s a lone alpha female shifter who doesn’t belong to a pack, which is normal for a panther shifter. She’s lived as a nomad for years and makes a living as a hacker. She doesn’t have many friends or ties to anyone, but in this story, she’s in NYC working for her friends who own a bar. Peyton meets Nathan in the bar and they have a one night stand, but are forever bonded to each other after their night together.

Nathan is an alpha wolf shifter with immortality, he runs a security business and is the Alpha of his pack. He slowly comes to realize that Peyton is his true mate. These two are hard headed and Nathan is not used to having someone challenge him and question him. They drive each other crazy. As things heat up, Nathan does everything he can to protect Peyton who is in harms way.

This book get four stars and I’m looking forward to the next!

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