Indies Invade Philly

On Saturday November 13, I attended my 3rd Indies Invade Philly signing and it was fantastic as always! This signing is so well run and amazing. I was able to secure a VIP Blogger ticket which allowed early entry, one hour before other attendees. Because I had the blogger ticket, I was able to see all the authors that were ticketed and chat as well. It was an amazing signing!

I was also able to see book friends and catch up as well as meet many online friends for the first time. Another awesome moment was when members of a reader group I started in 2020 met for a big group photo, it was a pretty warm hearted moment for me to see how my group has grown and how much it means to everyone.

I also met up with Kelly who has an amazing podcast; Boobies and Noobies (I highly recommend this podcast!) and she’s a ray if sunshine!

Aside from meeting all my fabulous book friends, the authors were amazing and some of them, well, it was like a dream to meet them for the first time!

Here’s who I had the honor of meeting:

  • Pippa Grant (she’s magical)
  • Lucy Score (She’s a darling)
  • Claire Kingsley
  • Kym Grosso
  • Susan Stoker (I almost passed out)
  • Jess Bryant (this was a dream!)
  • A.M.Johnson (Another dream!)
  • Melanie Moreland (They are so funny!)
  • Avery Maxwell (She’s super sweet!)
  • Stephanie Rose (she’s a doll!)
  • Sarina Bowen (😱)
  • Kathryn Nolan (Freaking burst of sunshine)
  • Melanie Harlow

There were many more authors there and many, many narrators as well, but, if I’m being honest, I was started feeling extremely overwhelmed because there were a lot of people in the room and not a lot of room to move around. I don’t remember the two I previously attended being quite so crushed. After the blogger hour, I hung out a little bit in the break area and chatted with people, then I dropped off my stuff at the car and went back to the signing.

I’m looking forward to next year and hopefully, I won’t feel so overwhelmed.

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Love of books of any kind with a special love for romance. I like to try new recipes, enjoy my pets and hoard succulents and houseplants! I enjoy connecting with readers of all walks and will read almost anything.

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