Books, Books and More Books, Plus, It’s Mpreg Day

I’ll admit, I have way to many books on my e-reader. It feels like too much at times and I’ll never read them all, but maybe there is a gem or two hiding in the stacks? The ereader has allowed me to one click my way into this current situation! How will I ever give these books my eyes? I can’t even spare the time to organize them or even thin out my library.

Since I’m currently a student as well as working, my reading time has been reduced a bit so I’m in reading crisis mode. I’m reading ARCs and that’s just about it because studying has taken over my life. It doesn’t negate my guilt when I see my ereader library, but hopefully, a better day will come and I’ll be able to read all I want when I’m done with the program I’m studying.

So, I wasn’t aware until I got an email, but today, in Romanclandia, it’s Mpreg day. If you’re unfamiliar with this, Mpreg is a male pregnancy and you’ll see this is the Omegaverse sub genre.

Omegaverse also is called A/B/O which is “alpha/beta/omega” and is speculative erotic fiction. It’s basically a fantasy world created by the author, the characters have animal like behaviors and may include shifters. There is the term knotting used to describe sex between the characters and is used to describe the male appendage. Males can become pregnant in Omegaverse romances. Bringing me to Mpreg Day. There are freebies around today for you to try out! Just Google Mpreg Day and you’ll be able to find freebies.

Personally, I enjoy Omegaverse books, but it’s a very specific sub genre, but maybe you’ll give it a try.

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Love of books of any kind with a special love for romance. I like to try new recipes, enjoy my pets and hoard succulents and houseplants! I enjoy connecting with readers of all walks and will read almost anything.

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