Author signings

Well, I’m going to several types of signing in 23-24. I’ve been to the first year of Charm City Romanticon last weekend and it was straight up lovely, and last November I attended my 5th Indies Invade Philly signing and it is always amazingly run and just a beautiful signing!

Moving forward, I’m attending A Day of Wine and Romance in Columbia, New Jersey and I’m looking forward to this all genre signing that is heavy with romance authors, but will have women’s lit, children’s, fantasy, etc. it’s at a winery, which is going to be amazing! The organizer is Roz Lee, a romance author.

Next will be another trip to New Jersey to meet Brenda Novak who will be on a book tour! She’s releasing The Seaside Bookstore on 4/11/23! She’s hauling a little air stream all around the country for her tour! Her hubby will be crafting up drinks and she’s going to have guest authors joining her. I’m attending the Haddonfield, NJ signing at Inkwood Books on 5/6. Click the box to find your location.

September will take me to Lilitz, PA to Books, Books, Book all genres signing! I must say I’m pretty excited for this one. This is hosted by Mary Walsh and 6 Feet Under Blog. This signing is September 23 from 12-4 at the Rock Lilitz-Pod 2. The organizers have food trucks lined up as well. There isn’t a website, but there is a Facebook group with all author information available. Click below!

My hope is to attend Indies Invade Philly in October of 2023. Fingers crossed I can attend! They have a wonderful author line up, but the tickets sell out in minutes because this signing has a really wonderful reputation and with good reason; it’s just an amazing signing that is extremely well organized. They also listen to feedback from attendees and alway do their best to adjust each year as necessary. This signing is held in Center City Philly at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The date, which I am loving, is October 14, 2023. This signing is normally held in November and I have mixed feelings about a November date. If you have an opportunity to attend this do not pass it up!

I also have tickets for The Sweetgrass Author Signing for 2024. This is the first really big event I’m attending. I’m excited about it! It’s being held at the Charleston Convention Center on March 23, 2024 and will be hosted by Southern Belle Book Events. Tickets are currently sold out, but, there is a resale thread in the Sweetgrass attendee group on Facebook.

This brings me right back to Charm City Romanticon 2024! This is held in Ellicot City, Maryland and will be on 4/6/24. This was a really wonderful signing, with a really relaxed vibe and clearly, this signing is for authors and readers alike. There is no separation and lunch and the gala are attended by both authors and readers, which is lovely. The organizers did a fantastic job with all of the details big and small. Right now, there is early bird pricing. This is a small signing which lends itself to a more comfortable atmosphere!

So there are my signing plans for 23/24, hopefully, I’ll be able to secure tickets to attend!

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